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Curious on how to get a loan on your goods??

Get a Loan against your goods , need short term loan, quick cash

People get embarrassed or nervous about coming in and getting a loan from us on there items. As we explain it is no different than going to a bank and asking for a loan.

You bring your items into the store we work out a price, we draw up a contract and charge an interest rate. You sign all the paperwork and then we give you the cash. We then hold your goods on site until you come back and pay the amount due with interest back to us and you then get your goods back.

No different to a bank holding the deeds to your house or the title of your car while you owe them money once you pay them back the deeds and titles are released to you.

So if you need some cash for A Day, A Week or a Few months come in and see Nicola and Drew and we will do our best to try and help you out.

PLEASE NOTE: Items need to come into the store we don’t quote over the phone or the internet.